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Easy ways to improve your sleep quality!

Do you often feel tired and like no matter how much sleep you get it just isn’t quite enough? Even if we are getting the recommended 7-9 hours sleep we can sometimes still wake up feeling tired and run down. But what’s the answer to waking up and feeling good?

Now first and foremost getting somewhere in the 7-9 recommended hours of sleep is crucial, but if you are doing this and still waking up feeling tired, a few habits and quick tips may be all you need to get deeper, better quality sleep and wake up feeling more rested. So here are out 5 tips to getting a deeper sleep!

  1. Have a routine - Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day! This sets your body into a rhythm so it naturally starts to wind down leading up to bedtime.

  2. Keep a dark bedroom - Studies show that both artificial light and natural light can reduce melatonin (our sleep hormone) levels and interrupt deep sleep. Because of this its important to cover any alarm clocks and artificial screens when going to sleep and also investing in a good set of black out curtains for those bright summer nights!

  3. Keep a cold bedroom - Keeping a cool bedroom while we sleep will help to boost melatonin levels, meaning we get a deeper and more rested sleep! Here this can be as simple as turning on a fan or leaving a bedroom window open!

  4. White Noise - Whether its the sound of rain, the ocean or the hum of a fan, background white noise while we sleep can help to block out environmental noise which may otherwise wake us up, here you can head to Spotify, search white noise and place it on quietly in the background while you sleep!

  5. Put the phone / computer away leading up to bedtime - Studies show that the blue light emitted from screens decreases melatonin levels making us less sleepy in the evenings, so putting the phones on sleep in the lead up to bed will leave you more tired and ready for sleep!

Any questions or habits that you find helpful to a more rested night sleep? Get in touch and let us know or book a consultation with one of our amazing coaches to get some advice on developing your habits!


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