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Tempo Training: Reduce your aches and pains whilst getting stronger.

Have you been struggling with little aches and pains when you train, struggling to break through plateaus in your progress and not sure what to do to fix these issues?

Adding varying tempos with Eccentric and Isometric work to your training may be exactly what you need to get more our of your training and feel better as a result.

Eccentric training involves muscle lengthening while under tension, such as slowly lowering the bar back to the floor in a deadlift.

Isometric training involves muscle contraction without movement, such as holding that weight in a static position with the bar just above the ground.

These are both beneficial forms of strength training that offer unique benefits. Eccentric training can help increase muscle strength and size, improve joint stability and reduce the risk of injury. Isometric training can help improve muscle endurance, activate muscle fibers and improve muscle imbalances.

How can I add them to my training?

You can add these to your current training program very simply by adding a tempo to the current strength exercises you are doing. For example starting with a 32X1 tempo.

Deadlift Example

3 Seconds lowering the weight to the ground.

2 Second hold just off the ground

X Stand back up quickly

1 Second pause at the top

Start by adding this to a few exercises each session and gradually progress over time! Have any questions or want some advice on how to use this in your training?

Looking to get more out of your training or a program specific for your needs, send me an email!


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